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Pacific Rims Objective Measurement Symposium

PROMS (the symposium) is an annual non-governmental professional meeting established to promote objective measurement and contribute to the research and development of Rasch measurement in the Pacific Rim. It is an annual symposium aiming to provide a forum for the sharing of new knowledge with the international community. Rasch measurement workshops are usually attached to PROMS meetings.

Testing, in education and psychology, is an attempt to quantify a person's knowledge, intelligence, or other characteristics in a systematic way. There are many types of tests. Teachers give tests to discover the learning abilities of their students. They also give tests to see how well students have learned a particular subject. Some tests help people choose a vocation, and other tests help them understand their own personality. Objective measurement is the repetition of a unit amount that maintains its size, within an allowable range of error, no matter which instrument, intended to measure the variable of interest, is used and no matter who or what relevant person or thing is measured. An objective measurement estimate of amount stays constant and unchanging (within the allowable error) across the persons measured, across different brands of instruments, and across instrument users. The goal of objective measurement is to produce a reference standard common currency for the exchange of quantitative value, so that all research and practice relevant to a particular variable can be conducted in uniform terms. Objective measurement research tests the extent to which a given number can be interpreted as indicating the same amount of the thing measured, across persons measured, and brands of instrument. We would like to expose the educators and students on the important of objective measurement in research.


Pacific Rim Objective Measurement Society (PROMS)
The principle aims of PROMS (the society) are to:

  • Encourage the pursuit of Rasch measurement in the Pacific region and its application in the fields of Business, Counselling, Economics, Education, Health Care, Language, Measurement, Psychology, Quality Assurance, Statistics and Strategic Planning
  • Advocate measurement practice that contributes to individual, community and societal well-being, and the public good, in the Pacific region.
  • Raise the visibility and status of Rasch measurement in the Pacific region.

These aims are to be accomplished through:

  • Establishing a Pacific region network of researchers and scholars in order to foster cooperative and collaborative relationships
  • Holding an annual meeting—the Pacific Rim Objective Measurement Symposium
  • Providing workshops and training
  • Engaging in such other activities as might facilitate the development of research, policy and practice in Rasch measurement.
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