Research Centre & Unit

UMS research center and unit designed to manage the needs of research and development focuses on local produce in the state of Sabah. Results of research and development are expected to increase the knowledge and understanding of the area. Research and development includes creative work undertaken on a systematic basis to increase the stock of knowledge that is useful to the researcher or to create new applications.

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Borneo Tourism Research Centre

The research unit was developed by a group of long-standing academics that has been working on the issue of tourism in this region since the establishment of UMS.

Natural Disaster Research Centre (NDRC)

NDRC was mandated to act as the focal point for all researchers in UMS who carry out research related to natural disasters

Small Island Research Centre

Many short-term courses for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The first course starts next month, register now to get 10% off!  

Entrepreneurship Research and Development Center (ERDEC)

Focusing on research in entrepreneurship as well as the development activities of local entrepreneurs


Artificial Intelligence Research Unit (AiRU)

Develop R&D&I project in the fields of artificial intelligence and its applications...

Water Research Unit (WRU)

The main role of WRU is to take part in the water related incidents to identify factors contribute to the problem and to find remedies through systematic analysis

Material & Mineral Research Unit – MMRU

The Unit’s effort strives with care to support and to ensure availability and sustainability of utilizing renewable and non-renewable materials

The Development and Health Research Unit

Building economic models of land-use change and disease emergence...

Food Safety And Quality Unit

Provide personalized training on certification processes, consumerism and food safety program...

Tuberculosis Research Unit ( TBRU)

The primary purpose of this is to carry out Tuberculosis research and provides Health Services ( Clinics and laboratories) to reduce TB incidence rates , Drug resistant cases and number of TB deaths in Sabah

The Psychology and Social Health Research Unit

Focuses in the field of Psychological Well-Being, Clinical Psychology, Cross-Cultural Psychology, Multi-Cultural...

Sustainable Palm Oil Research Unit

Conducting research and increasing skilled human capital in the upstream and downstream of the oil palm industry....

Unit for Orchid Studies

Focuses on research, development, and conservation of Sabah’s wild orchids through the study of its biodiversity, ecology, taxonomy, genetics and tissue culture

The Unit for Primate Studies Borneo

Devoted to primatological research in Sabah...

The knowledge technology research unit (KTRU)

Encourage innovative research works through the creation of an attractive and stimulating environment to provide smart solutions to the society.

Centre for Rural Education Development (CRED)

Will carry out research in various fields of community development rural education...

Unit for Harmful Algal Blooms Studies (UHABS)

Will carries out multidisciplinary research related to harmful algal blooms (HABS) in Sabah...

Endangered Marine Species (UEMS)

Will carries out research works on diverse range of endangered marine species such as the Whale Shark, Humphead Wrasse and Marine Mammals.







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