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UMS Practices Good Governance: Registrar

FRIDAY, 8 APRIL –Good governance has always been practiced and implemented at all levels of administration in Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) as prescribed in a letter from the Secretary of State– Guidelines for Improving Public Governance 2007.

UMS Registrar, No’man Datuk Hj. Ahmad said, in the context of implementing good governance in UMS, integrity, senses and needs (INSAN) would be the aspiration in order to drive the mission and vision of the university.

“The delivery system becomes effective when all employees practice integrity, honesty and responsibility either to their heads or when on their own.

“Work is carried out sincerely, not because we’re aiming to score in the performance assessment or worldly reward, but carried out because of our responsibility and an obligation,” he said in his speech at the Registrar Aspiration Ceremony (MAP) at Dewan Resital, UMS .

He said, good governance at the university could also be carried out if all employees had a sense of belonging, a sense of urgency, a sense of responsibility and a sense of respect.

“For example, when we have a sense of urgency, action would be taken immediately.  If we had a sense of responsibility, the work undertaken would be done with the utmost caution and not frivoulous,’ said No’man.

 The event was attended by the administrative and professional officers including support staff, aimed at highlighting the achievements of the Administrative and Professional institution, including detailing the aim and direction of the university as mandated by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Datuk Dr. Mohd Harun Abdullah, recently.

No’man also announced a number of initiatives that would support and implement the Vice-Chancellor’s Message 2016.

Among them were focused talent development, staff attachement programme, strengthening the competency of administrators, job classification improvements based on service scheme improvement, strengthening the promotion process and enhancing the function and impact of the establishment of steering committee on administrative quality and innovation.

“Let us continue to strive to excel, in accordance with the university’s motto that we uphold for over 21 years.  Start today and the days following, the determination or intention to achieve the best in your work performance,” he said. – SS (fl)



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