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Unauthorised Use of Logo, UMS Requests Concerned Parties to be Responsible

WEDNESDAY, 20 APRIL – Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) gave a stern warning to any party not to misuse their university logo without first referring to the Corporate Relations Division (BPK) UMS.

According to a statement today, UMS took this matter seriously and would not hesitate to take the appropriate action, including legal suit.

The statement said, the use of UMS logo without the approval from BPK could be easily identified through the printing of the old logo, which is now no longer in use by the university since 2013.

Yesterday, UMS became a victim when its old logo was used in a poster of a programme called ‘Perjalanan Hijrah dan Dakwah Catatan Kehidupan’ by Ustaz Ayub Abdul Rahman, where UMS was not involved.

The misused of the logo raised confusion to various quarters especially when it touched on the sensitivity of the Sabah community, known to be living in harmony amongst its various races and religion.

BPK requested those who were using the UMS logo without their permission to be responsible and come forward to explain publicly to stop the confusion.

UMS logo was misused when it was featured as one of the organisers of a gathering without the university’s knowledge.

Meanwhile, BPK denied a claim by a newspaper published since 1963 that they were contacted by paper but did not get any response from UMS.

BPK UMS that has always had good relationship with all the media practitioners both locally and internationally was never contacted by the said newspaper and regretted their move in publishing their reports without first verifying, wrongly portraying UMS as the main organiser. – SS (fl)


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