Drivers Are Important Entity, Carry University’s Image

THURSDAY, 4 FEBRUARY – Drivers are one of the important entities in Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) that plays an important role in bringing a good image to the university.

This was stated by the Head of Chancellery Department, Darwis Awang in a briefing to all drivers of UMS at the Galeri, this morning.

He said, the responsibility of a driver was not only to drive the university’s vehicle but also act as an agent in portraying the good image of UMS especially towards VVIPs or guests of the university.

“A driver is the first person who will meet guests of the university when they pick the guests at the airport and so on, thus maintaining a good image is very important to avoid negative perception of the guests towards UMS staff.

“Keeping the image does not only include their appearance, but also taking into account the attitude and manner of the driver,” he said.

Citing answering of phone calls while driving, this act could not be taken lightly as it may cause a bad perception towards the driver, thereby damaging the image of the entire drivers.

He also reminded the drivers to be kind to students who were their daily passengers, in addition to asserting that the university would not tolerate any driver who misbehave.

“Drivers also need to undergo physical preparation before starting with their work, and to always instill a positive attitude towards working for UMS,” he added.

A knowledge-sharing session, “Senior Driver” was also shared by Abdul Ghani, including briefings on work ethics and the role of drivers in UMS vehicle safety were presented by Assistant Registrar, Syahrul Hazizi Asmat and Darwis Awang himself. – MA (fl)

Photo: Ernest Berinus



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