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Administration And Finance Section


This is the main drive of Students Affair and Alumni Department. It plays the main role in managing administration, finance and services.



Administration Section

  1. Managing administration and Students Affair Department including staffs’ services.
  2. Keep all the records and documentation.
  3. Act as the secretariat in handling any disciplinary issues.
  4. Managing infrastructure and equipment in Students Affair and Alumni Department.
  5. Publish bulletin, brochures as well as using the mass media to keep the community updated.

Finance Section

Planning and managing budget and expenses Providing inventory and asset records Coordinate students’ financial claim

Service Section

  1. Managing ONE STOP CENTRE, transportation, seminar room and meeting room.
  2. Planning and managing ICT aspect including SAA web portal.
  3. Planning and managing co-op  and ATM Machine in SAA compound.
  4. Handling visitors.
  5. Evaluating and planning the enhancement of quality services to fulfil the Manual Quality Assessment (MQA) requirements