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Cultural And Art Section

Responsible in monitoring , planning and coordinating all the cultural and arts based programs in the campus. Besides that, polishing talents and looking forward to find the apprentice of the artists and high-class performers.


  1. Promotes the cultural and arts awareness
  2. Promotes unity among the multiracial community in Malaysia.
  3. Providing opportunities to the students to participate in any cultural and arts based events.
  4. Organizing related events.


Promotes high quality human capital with excellence both academically and softskills.


  1. Held collaborative strategic among the faculties, hostels, universities in the local as well as international boundaries.
  2. Sharing knowledge and expertise in developing arts and cultural products.
  3. Establishing clubs and societies.

 This section will be focusing on areas such as :

  1. Theatre
  2. Music (traditional and modern)
  3. Dance ( traditional, newly-created, modern and contemporary)
  4. Orator
  5. Traditional Games
  6. Customs
  7. Faith and practices
  8. Cultural appreciation
  9. Cultural and heritage