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Teaching Method To Be In Line With Technological Advancement

kuliah sppsMONDAY, 14 OCTOBERThe overall use of Information Technology (IT) in teaching and learning at Institutions of Higher Learning is essential in line with the modernisation of the current globalisation development.

According to the Dean of the School of Education and Social Development (SPPS), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ismail Ibrahim, the use of various technologies would attract students into learning in a classroom or lecture room.

However, he added that the conventional method is still relevant with additional improvements to the advanced technology that has now become a trend among our society especially universities students. He said this when met by Chancellery Media representative in his office.

”In the era before the development of internet and other technologies, many prominent figures and country leaders were born. Thus, in my view, the previous system is still relevant but need to go through modifications in line with the rapid modernisation and development of current technology,” Dr. Ismail added.

When asked to comment on former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in the national newspaper recently on the Modernisation of the Teaching Sector he said, it was a good suggestion to produce IT literate students with vast knowledge.

“However, its implementation should take into account remote schools in the interior which may not be ready especially in the use of internet and computers due to issues such as electricity supply or the lack of relevant infrastructure,” he further added. – FL


By Salbinous Saribun

Media Division, Chancellery Division


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