UMS Landscape Award in Conjunction with Innovation Award 2013

anugerah landskapMONDAY, 15 JULYIn line with the efforts by Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) being the first EcoCampus University in Malaysia, a Best Landscape competition will be held in conjunction with the UMS Innovation Award 2013. The competition which is coordinated by the School of Sustainable Agriculture (SPL) involves all standalone Departments, Schools, Centres, Institutes and Unit (JSPIU).

According to a statement issued by the School, judging will be done from 26 – 30 August 2013 involving evaluation covering all areas around the building especially the main entrance and those not covered by the Development and Maintenance Department or appointed contractor.

Among the aspects which will be evaluated included arrangement and beautification, assessment will start from the parking lot of the Head of Department to the lobby of the office being evaluated. It involves the upkeep and maintenance of plants and landscape furniture, well-kept trees, shrubs and groundcover plants.

According to the statement, evaluation will also include plants and landscape furniture which has already been arranged for the comfort and shade of staff, visitors and students away from the unpredictable weather conditions such as strong winds, heavy downpour and hot sun, besides the creativity to make use of available areas and to segregate those areas into useful corners such as for reading, relaxing and socialising.

Another aspect which will be evaluated is the type of plants that will accentuate the aesthetic value of the garden through the application of designs such as colours, texture and sizes of different leaves, flowers and branches of trees, shrubs and groundcover plants. The selected plants should have the aroma that could contribute to attracting birds and other creatures.

All cooperation and commitment from staff and students of UMS in making this competition a success is welcomed, in line with the concept of EcoCampus which UMS has adopted. For more information, please contact the secretariat, Shahida Mohd. Sharif through email Alamat emel ini dilindungi dari Spambot. Anda perlu hidupkan JavaScript untuk melihatnya. - FL

By: Salbinous Saribun

                                                                                                                              Information and Media Section, Corporate Relations Division



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