TCTP Participants Impressed with Wildlife Population Diversity in Sabah

tctp monyet belandaTHURSDAY, 14 AUGUST – The opportunity to witness first hand the Proboscis Monkey (Nasalis larvatus) at Padas Damit Forest Reserve provided an invaluable experience for participants of the Third Country Training Programme (TCTP) 2014.

They were brought down the Garama River at the Garama Base Camp Beaufort, the group were excited with the existence of the species.

A participant from Cambodia, Pang Phanit said, the experience of seeing the monkey species living in their natural habitat was a precious gift for him, being this was his first visit to Malaysia.

“I did not think Malaysia is rich with diverse population of forest wildlife. This is one of the most extraordinary experiences for me,” said this officer with the Cambodian Forest Management Office.

The group also had the opportunity to get a closer look at fireflies (Lampyridae) along the mangrove swamp of the Garama River at night.

For Forest Conservation Unit Chief of the Natural Resources and Environmental Division, Laos, Kanyasone Vilaphong, seeing fireflies is an experience he cannot forget.

“The lights illuminated from this insect is totally mesmerising. I believe, besides me, other participants are also delighted to see it,” he added. – ZMD (fl)

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