International Conference on Marine Science and Aquaculture (ICOMSA 2014)

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Universiti Malaysia Sabah and Kinki University of Japan initiated the annual seminar series in 2003. Named as "Annual Seminar on Marine Science and Aquaculture", these seminars have provided a platform to exchange knowledge about the marine ecosystem and development of aquatic food resources through sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. Starting the year of 2014, this annual event will be known as International Conference on Marine Science and Aquaculture (ICOMSA 2014).
Due to increasing number of participants and diverse backgrounds they come from, there is a need to bring the broader issues of global importance into the scope of discussion. This has motivated the transformation of annual seminar series into an international event. Henceforth, the conference will encompass a variety of perspectives that are rapidly shaping the research interest in marine environment and seafood resources.
The theme of the upcoming conference schedule in March 2014 will be "ECOSYSTEM PERSPECTIVES IN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT ". The conference focus on topics that are thematic or technical in nature and will be open to those having professional interest in this subject.

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