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UPEP Seminar on the Political Economy Principles of Henry George

UPEP Seminar Series No. 5/2015
Organised by
The Ethnography and Development Research Unit
Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Heritage
Universiti Malaysia Sabah
The Association of Good Government (Australia)

Title: An Introduction to the Principles of Political Economy of Henry George 

The political economy of a country drives its development directions and priorities. Oftentimes, economics operates on trade-offs between economic development and human rights. The framework integrates both not as contradictory but necessary to the idea of civilisation. In 1879, Henry George published his book, entitled “Progress and Poverty” that mainly discusses social problems as being deeply rooted on inequality to land access and ownership. His school of thought, integrates equality in rights to economic development free from poverty. This insight has influenced many academics and advocates, and groups, in the pursuit of a more rational political economy. One of these groups is the Association of Good Goverment that was established in 1901 in Sydney, Australia. Since then, the Association has promoted the teachings of Henry George with a focus on three key aspects:

  •  A philosophy of natural rights, notably the inalienable right to use land;
  •  A political economy developed from the Ricardian theory of rent; and
  •  Public policies directed against monopoly, notably a ‘single tax’ on the value of land.

This seminar is organised to introduce participants to the principles of political economy as espoused by Henry George. Also, it will discuss the framework of political economy that integrates the idea of equal rights to sustainable economic development as the modern-day challenge for all nation-states. The Guest Speaker: The resource person, Mr. Joffre Balce AB, MSc, and PhD Candidate (UNSW), is a former chief economist of the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (Manila, Philippines), executive director of the Foundation for a Sustainable Society, Incorporated (Manila, Philippines), and the current secretary of the Association for Good Government that is based in Sydney, Australia. For more information, please visit the website, www.associationforgoodgov.com.au.


Date: Tuesday, 17 November 2015
Time: 10:00 to 12:00 AM
Venue: BMU, 3rd Floor, FKSW 



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