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Nama Produk:Trichoderma longibrachiatum
Jenis Perjanjian:Sell and purchase  
  Principle/Leading Researcher:Prof. Ts. Dr. Chong Khim Phin
  Novelty of Product:Biological control agent of oil palm basal stem rot disease.
  Features of product:Pure culture of fungi in growing media.
  Impact of product:Incorporated into production of fertilizer for the management of basal stem rot disease.
  Target Market:Biofertilizer.
Nama Produk:UMS Eco-Solar Dryer  
Jenis Perjanjian:Licensing  
  Principle/Leading Researcher:Prof. Madya Dr. Jidon Adrian Janaun.
  Novelty of Product:The aeration in the drying chamber can be switched between updraft and downdraft modes.
  Features of product:Drying capacity is 50 kg. Solar heat collector produce up to 65oC hot air in the drying chamber. Hybrid drying mode comes as optional feature for premium drying.
  Impact of product:A green technology. Produce hygiene drying process. Ease to operate, and suitable for most of agricultural, marine, and industrial products.
  Target Market:Drying of Fruits, vegetables, and fish. A household product and social entrepreneur.
Nama Produk:LAMB Biomass Dryer  
Jenis Perjanjian:Licensing  
  Principle/Leading Researcher:Prof. Madya Dr. Jidon Adrian Janaun
  Novelty of Product:High drying uniformity, batch and continuous operation mode, effective and efficient drying
  Features of product:Capacity of batch dryer per unit is 0.5 - 10 tonnes. Enclosed drying process. Flexible hwating mechanism (electrical, furnace, or steeam). Suitable for granular type materials such as paddy, pepper, corn etc
  Impact of product:Efficient energy usage because the hot air is recycled, cleaner environment because the whole system is enclosed. Can be scaled up easily with multipication on the number of LAMB drums
  Target Market:Paddy drying, black pepper drying, palm kernel shell dryers,  industrial dryers

1. Nama Produk: DeColourAR: A Multi-Markers Interaction Augmented Reality Children Colouring Book

Penyelidik: Prof. Madya Dr. Edmund Ng Giap
FPI: Fakulti Komputeran dan Informatik

2. Nama Produk: A Novel Technique to Detect Early Infection of Ganoderma boninense in Oil Palm

Penyelidik:  Prof. Ts. Dr. Chong Khim Phin
FPI: Fakulti Sains dan Sumber Alam

3. Nama Produk: Mobile Operation Unit for Fast Response Emergency Team

Penyelidik:  Dr. Mohd Suffian bin Misaran
FPI: Fakulti Kejuruteraan 

4. Nama Produk: An Innovative Production Method of Interlocking Brick System for Green Building Construction

Penyelidik: Prof. Ir. Dr. Abdul Karim Mirasa
FPI: Fakulti Komputeran dan Informatik

5. Nama Produk: ENT GamEX: ENT EXAMINATION - Made Easy [Multi Approaches for Training (Ear, Nose & Throat) Examination]

Penyelidik:  Prof. Madya Dr. Maher Fouad Sefein Beshay
FPI: Fakulti Perubatan dan Sains Kesihatan

6. Nama Produk: Learning Grammar and Vocabulary Using GVScapes

Penyelidik:  Dr. Esther Jawing
FPI: Pusat Penataran Ilmu dan Bahasa 

7. Nama Produk: Mulberry Isotonic Drinks

Penyelidik: Dr. Nor Qhairul Izzreen Bt. Mohd Noor
FPI: Fakulti Sains Makanan dan Pemakanan

8. Nama Produk: Hybrid Polymer Film for Monitoring Fish Products

Penyelidik:  Dr. Rovina Kobun
FPI: Fakulti Sains Makanan dan Pemakanan

9. Nama Produk: Learning Jawi Through AR and Gamification

Penyelidik:  Mrs. Siti Hasnah Tanalol
FPI: Fakulti Komputeran dan Informatik 

10. Nama Produk: Dusun Language Mobile Learning Application

Penyelidik: Ms. Asni Tahir
FPI: Fakulti Komputeran dan Informatik

11. Nama Produk: Jom Bah Explore Sabah: From Story to Interactive Board Game

Penyelidik:  Mrs. Jinky Jane C Simeon
FPI: Fakulti Sains Sosial dan Kemanusiaan

12. Nama Produk: JumPark Bah!: Cashless Parking Solution for Kota Kinabalu Smartcity

Penyelidik:  Dr. Norazlina Binti Khamis
FPI: Fakulti Komputeran dan Informatik 

13. Nama Produk: Ayam Penelur Ginseng

Penyelidik: Mr.  Ag Ahmad Mohd Yunus
FPI: Fakulti Sains dan Sumber Alam



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