The UMS-SPRINT program, also known as UMS-SISWAPRIHATIN, is a community relations program based on the need for soft skills development with a focus on the values ​​of teamwork, leadership, and enhancing interaction and communication with local communities. This program is set up in the co-curriculum courses. This program will bring students to several places in the state of Sabah, especially in remote areas and villages.

Among the activities carried out are education motivation, cultural interaction, social program and human development as well as programs that represent the community's concerns and contributions. The UMS-SPRINT program is organized every semester involving Students who take co-curriculum subjects at the Kota Kinabalu Main Campus, Sandakan and Labuan International Campus. At the end of the program, the participating students are required to prepare a project report and then present a presentation. The quality of the report and presentation being evaluated is part of the final assessment.