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Director Message

 From The Directors’ Desk 

Welcome to the Centre for Co-curriculum and Student Development (CCSD), Universiti Malaysia Sabah. CCSD was founded on 1st June 2002 with the aim of shaping undergraduates who will be balanced in the aspects of intellect, spiritually, emotion and corporal, whilst upgrading their physical, mental and spiritual resilience, alongside promoting creative, innovative, productive and proactive mind set as well as instilling self-esteem and perservance to face challenges. CCSD is responsible to uphold University’s aspirations to produce quality and holistic human capital and resources. Student excellence are not only measured in fields of academic, but also in acquisitions of soft-skill or generic-skill competencies. These combined factors nevertheless, may contribute to students’ intellectual capabilities and personality attributes. In the contemporary job market today, value-added attributes are prime factors for students or graduates to face challenges and needs in their working environment. Some of the skills needed are, Leadership Skills, Team-working Skills, Communication and Social Skills, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills, and development of Moral and Professional Ethic Skills. In CCSD, these skills are embedded and intergrated in the teaching and learning process for co-curriculum courses.

CCSD is responsible to monitor and oversee the implementation of co-curriculum program, teaching and learning process at three (3) UMS campuses; Kota Kinabalu Main Campus, Labuan International Campus and the SPL Sandakan Campus. CCSD is also responsible to ensure the courses offered are in relevance to the needs and aspiration for student personality development and excellence, and it’s practise through structured pedagogy, the integrative learning system that is, acquisitions of professional/technical   skill as well as the soft-skill. The integrated learning system to produce holistic graduates thus, would ensure UMS will produce well- balanced graduates to face the current career challenges. It is our aspirations that the structured and systematic teaching and learning concepts will produce excellent future leaders. Please feel free to browse thru our services and list of courses offered by CCSD. I would anticipate that you would enjoy your co-curriculum studies in UMS.

Wishing you all the best in your studies at UMS, and the Centre for Co-curriculum and Student Development – The Venue of Happening.